Plastic Recycling Machines: Cutting

Plastic Recycling Machines: Cutting

Generally, old plastic or rubber objects have to be destroyed and cut into small particles to be able to reuse them and to create new products. There are different cutting systems available with different applications. Main criteria for the selection of the right method is the required input and output size of the material


A granulator or crusher is maybe the easiest way to crumble plastic objects. It is especially suitable for smaller bulk objects like plastic bottles or small containers or cups. Also for long objects like pipes and hoses, a crusher can be the ideal solution. The big advantage of a crusher is the relative continuous material flow and the defined output size. Thanks to the perforation screen, the output particles are of relative similar dimensions.

Single-Shaft Shredder

For more massive bulk objects, a single-shaft shredder could be more suitable than a crusher. In comparison to a crusher a single-shaft shredder is stronger and less likely to block when cutting heavy objects. The single-shaft shredder works just like a crusher with a perforation screen and defined output size. A hydraulic push block takes care that especially bigger and massive objects are pushed towards the cutting shaft and are cut layer after layer.

Double-Shaft Shredder

When you are dealing with big and thin-walled objects like car tires or voluminous containers, a double-shaft shredder is the right way to go. With two shafts gearing into each other, the double-shaft shredder can easily compress and tear apart thin-walled vessels and tires. It can also be a good solution for long entangled bulks of electric cables and wires, which are too heavy for a single-shaft shredder to take at once. The output size of the double-shaft shredder is undefined and can vary heavily.

Tire Strip Cutter

As a special solution for cutting car tires, the tire strip cutter cuts a car tire into a long strip of rubber. This long strip of rubber is easier to process for further cutting machines. By taking advantage of a tire strip cutter high investment costs for heavy machines that are able to crumble a complete car tire at once can be avoided. This machine especially suitable for economic tire recycling lines with lower capacities.

Tire Block Cutter

The tire block cutter is made in particular to follow the tire strip cutter in the recycling process. The rubber strips that are produced by the tire strip cutter can be cut into small pieces by the tire block cutter. A medium range crusher can afterwards easily crumble these blocks to particle sizes of a few millimeters. In this way, high costs for purchasing and running heavy shredders are rendered unnecessary.