The 5 best recycling ideas for plastic bottles

The 5 best recycling ideas for plastic bottles

We use and throw away an incredible amount of plastic bottles every day. It is true that most people throw them in the recycling bin. But what else can you do to take advantage of these empty plastic bottles. How can you reuse plastic bottles? If you don’t know where to start, we will show you the 5 best uways to reuse empty plastic bottles that most people don’t know about.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Multipurpose spatula

If the plastic bottle has a handle to it, you can cut it from the bottle and by just doing that, you will already have a multipurpose spatula. Now, you can use your recycled bottle spatula to serve rice, spices or whatever you want.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Toothbrush holder

Another great idea to recycle plastic bottles is as original as it is practical. Take a 50cl bottle and cut it in half with a hot knife. Then, roll up your toothbrush and toothpaste in a small towel, and place the roll inside the bottle. Screw on the lid and you will have a dental kit that does not get wet and protects your toothbrush.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Plate separator

Probably one of the least known ways to recycle plastic bottles, is to use them to build a tower of dishes. For this purpose you will need 5-liter bottles. Cut the bottle into four horizontal sections and you will have four elements to separate dishes, protect them from dust, and conserve heat and humidity. They are much cheaper than the ones you can find in stores and are just as great.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Sewing kit

Take a bottle and cut it in half. Make symmetrical holes on both sides to put a straw through. Each straw will hold one spool of thread, so you must make as many pairs of holes as you can, taking into account the size of your spool. Put a spool on each straw, until all holes are filled. Then, close the bottle with the cap. If you make another hole in the center of the bottle, you can get the thread you need out from there. It is one of the most practical ways to reuse plastic bottles.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Vacuum cleaner

Grab a hair dryer and put a mouth mask on the back. Then, place a 33 or 50 cl bottle cut in half, on the mask, in such a way that the cut body is stuck to the dryer. When you turn on the hair dryer, you will see that it has become a wonderful vacuum cleaner that allows you to access the most remote areas of your home. Unknown to many but one of the best ways to reuse empty bottles there is.

The best ideas to recycle plastic bottles

The best ideas to recycle plastic bottles

Plastic is one of the most used materials for containers and packaging, but it is also the one that, if disposed of incorrectly, contributes the most to contaminating the planet. It’s not naturally degradable and plastic islands in the seas and oceans continue to increase. In this article we show you how to bring new creations to life with the best ideas for recycling plastic bottles by making the following great stuff:

  • vertical and horizontal garden
  • flower pots
  • butterflies
  • plastic cups
  • self-watering pots
  • galactic masks
  • piggy bank of animals
  • curtains
  • eyeglass cases
  • hourglass
  • stool

We all have, to a greater or lesser extent, plastic bottles at home. Big or small, and all of them lend themselves to different creative jobs with which to decorate the house or much better, to find a second use for the bottle that one day served us to drink water for example.

Bird feeders

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into bird feeders

A good and simple option is to use plastic bottles, especially the small ones, to feed the birds that live near us. It’s very simple, we just have to add some holes into which we insert spoons and some kinds of straws so that the food moves.

Another option is with a large bottle, where you cut out half of the top part so the bird can get inside the bottle to eat the food. In the photo that we show you below you can see very well what you should do.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a puff

A puff with plastic bottles? And very cool. Of course, you will need a few plastic bottles. Around 40 bottles that you will have to put together in the shape of a circle with packing tape. Once you have the shape of the pouffe, you must surround it by placing two circular cardboard tops and bottoms of the bottles.

The next step is to surround the element with foam and glue it on with white glue. In this case, you must leave 3 hours for it to dry well and be sealed. The last step will be to upholster the puff with the fabric that we have chosen. As simple as patterning and sewing it, much easier than it seems. When you have it, look for puff prices and be amazed with the money you will have saved.

Vertical and horizontal garden

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a horizontal garden

Another of the ideas to recycle plastic bottles that will require dozens of them. Now, the result cannot be more spectacular. To create this vertical and horizontal garden, you will need as many bottles as you want and some wire to hold them together.

Just make a hole in each bottle, turning them into pots, plus two holes through which to pass the wire.

Plant what you deem appropriate and, in a few weeks, you will have a beautiful garden along the length and width of the wall you have chosen.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into baskets

For clothespins, for kitchen utensils, for children’s toys… The basket is one of the ideas for recycling plastic bottles with the most uses available. And one of the easiest to do.

Just take a large plastic jug and cut off the top. Burn the edges to avoid peaks and glue, with white glue, a fabric edging of the color you want on the edge. To finish, make two holes facing each other and place two ropes as shown in the image, so you will have handles to carry it easily. Useful, simple, fast and very economical.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into pots

Making plant pots is very simple using plastic bottles. We recommend that you make a small sketch with the shape we want (a cat, an owl, a dog, etc.), normally, animals that have some type of characteristic such as big ears, so it will be much more graceful.

Once we have cut the bottle with the shape we want, we paint it the desired color, we draw the details with an indelible marker and all we have to do is fill it with earth and plant our beautiful plants. If we also put some ropes or chains on it, we will have created a hanging planter.

ceiling light

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into ceiling lights

Incredible ceiling lamps made of plastic, ideal to put on an island in a kitchen. Just water drums, cut and painted, if we add a nice fabric, the effect is elegant, cheap and very practical. We can also personalize them with fun colors, written messages or even hanging them at different heights.

Umbrella stand

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into an umbrella stand

When we get home and don’t know where to put the umbrella, we can make this original umbrella stand ourselves using plastic bottles that we don’t use.

For this specific example, the bottles that would best fit an umbrella are small bleach bottles, since soda bottles are usually very wide. Attaching them to a piece of wood and it is attached to the wall and the result is a practical and original umbrella stand.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into butterflies

Using a template with the shape and design of the butterfly, we can obtain these beautiful butterflies that we will decorate to our liking.

We simply remove the plastics by cutting them out of a soda bottle, once cut and painted, we can join them with fishing line to make a butterfly curtain or we can put a safety pin at the bottom and turn it into a brooch. Another way would be to stick a magnet on it and we will have a nice butterfly for the fridge.

Toys for our dog

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into toys for dogs

Our pets like to spend as much time as possible playing, but we don’t have the same energy as them. A great way to keep them entertained and develop their intelligence is this wonderful game that we can make ourselves with very few materials.

The trick is to drill holes in the bottles so that a stick can be inserted to serve as an axis with the idea that the bottles can rotate if the dog kicks them.

The interesting thing is to fill each bottle with different amounts of food, the bottle that has the most food will be the one that costs the most to move, but it will be the first one you want to eat, since since they are not covered when they rotate, they discharge different amounts of food. A very ingenious technique to keep your pet entertained if she suffers from separation anxiety, since you will have her entertained for a long time.

plastic cups

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into plastic cups

Original glasses created from plastic bottles, well, and a CD. In this case we can take advantage of both the neck of the bottle and its lower part.

Using a CD, as the base of the glass and painting it in elegant or fun ways and we will have some original glasses or containers to drink, as a jewelry box for rings or as in the image for plants.

Vertical garden

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a vertical garden

A vertical garden at home, what a great idea! We can grow small vegetables or even aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary, mint, etc. The idea is very interesting, simply placing plastic bottles upside down, making holes in the base, so that they can fit into each other, and a hole in the cap, so that the excess water waters the next bottle. To finish we place one last bottle face up in order to collect all the excess water that we can use again. There is no excuse for not having a garden at home.

Curious and practical jewelry box

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into practical jewelry boxes

A funny and original jewelry box, it is a little more elaborate, but if we have time, it is an original and striking way to recycle plastic bottles that we no longer use. We can paint the bottles the color we want or even draw motifs or flowers with indelible markers.

Flowers to decorate your gifts

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into flowers to decorate your gifts

We can make these beautiful flowers to decorate a gift box, it is a very original and simple idea to do that will not take too much time and will be a knockout to surprise the honorees. The final result is spectacular, simply with pieces of plastic molded in the heat of a candle.

Self-watering pots

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into self-watering pots

The vacation season arrives and we have everything ready to go, but what to do with the plants. We present you a great idea to do with plastic bottles. One bottle acts as a water container and the other, using cotton strips, allows moisture to rise to the ground. An original and beautiful way to keep the soil of our plants hydrated, especially when it is very hot.

Food dispenser

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into food dispensers

There are times when we have the simplest solutions at home, objects such as plastic bottles that are going to go to the container and yet we are wasting a very versatile and interesting raw material. This wonderful bottle for so many children serves as an example, if our dog has had puppies and is not feeling well enough to feed them, this can be a very interesting solution.

Or what to say about this wonderful nest made with a bottle of soda and perfectly blended into the environment. A very original idea that the birds will know how to thank you with their morning songs. The effect of the paint used imitating bark is achieved if the paint is applied with a sponge.

Earrings with pearls

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into earrings with pearls

Any jewelry store would pay a huge amount of money to get these wonderful earrings. The truth is that it is a very original idea to give away. The modeling of the plastic can be done with a lighter as in this example or by passing the plastic over a candle. A simple and very original idea to combine this summer.

Galactic mask

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a galactic mask

Just a bit of skill is what it takes to create this original and highly accomplished Star Wars Stormtroopers mask, decoration is 90% of this mask, but we cannot deny that it is a very ingenious idea. and worthy of taking to any carnival.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into toys

We are preparing a costume party and we do not know how to finish the costume that we have made for the little one, it goes without saying, the costume will be of a superhero. In this case, we do need to manufacture state-of-the-art engines. Nothing better than two bottles of soda, perfectly painted in metallic gray and some eerie red felt flares and we already have our thrusters.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into snakes

A terrible “Pejilagarto”, a fierce animal from the depths of rivers whose skeleton is made of plastic and its eyes are made of terrible bottle caps.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a broom

The most original and striking broom you can find, a recycled broom in full color. Now plastic bottles not only litter and populate landfills, they also serve to leave your house like gold jets! Just cut a bottle in half and make some fringes in the part where you have cut. The fringes will serve to clean in the same way as the cells of the broom, and the opening of the bottle will serve to hook the stick.

Animal piggy bank

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a piggy bank

You can make this second piggy bank with the top of several bottles. The caps are used to store the coins and everything is joined by screws. Thanks to reusing plastic bottles, no one will have access to your money anymore. Well, it is not that they are the most resistant and safe in the world, but to teach children the value of money and recycling, it works perfectly. As you can see in the first image, the limit to the design of the piggy bank is only set by you and your imagination, you can come up with any design.

Candle holders

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into candle holders

Have you ever considered getting such varied candle holders with a simple plastic bottle? Look how cool they are for a romantic evening. You will find few better ways to take advantage of and recycle those plastic objects that you no longer use and that would end up polluting the atmosphere in any landfill.

Coin purse

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a purse for your coins

Very easy to do. It is made with two bottle bases. In the middle we place a zipper that we glue on the inside. The result is similar to those old granny purses. Ideal to put those loose change that we have scattered in the pockets of the pants or in the bag.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into curtains

The curtains do not always have to be made of fabric, you can make a flower-themed curtain with the bottoms of plastic bottles. Similar to this, you can also make one of those curtains that are used as a “door” in some hot areas. Or is that already too tacky? In any case, it is another interesting use to recycle plastic and contribute to sustainable development.

Pencil holders

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into pencil holders

Original and pretty, all you need is a plastic bottle, a rubber band that covers the top so it doesn’t scratch, and some pencils to keep. This is one of the simplest and most functional crafts that can be made with plastic bottles, ideal for teaching children, for example. Also, you can always decorate the boats however you want, adding decorative elements or painting them in the colors that you like best.

Bags dispenser

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into dispenser bags

An easy way to have everything you need in your bathroom, betting on recycling. It is undoubtedly an original device that you can also use in other areas of the house, for example in the kitchen or pantry, to store shopping bags. As you can see, plastic has many more uses than those for which it was created, and you can recycle the plastic from one utensil to make a totally different one.

Eyeglass cases

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a case for your glasses

Have you ever considered that there could be a glasses holder made from a recycled bottle? Easier and original impossible. The way to do it is similar to the purse that we have shown you previously, although in this case it must have a more elongated shape so that the glasses fit inside.

Bag closure

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a closure system for bags

Caps can become the ideal way to close your bags hermetically. Or, if you prefer, you can use the same plastic bottles to store what you were going to store in those bags.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into boxes

In the following photographs you can see some examples of how to make boxes with plastic bottles and the different uses to which you can put them. Undoubtedly, there are people who brim with imagination (and environmental awareness).
Ideas to recycle plastic bottles curved box


Ideas for recycling plastic bottles into an hourglass

This is for dreamers, for those who want to seize time, every minute. Be careful, don’t get stuck watching the sand fall over and over again. In this case, it is a decorative element, but it can be very interesting to give your living room or your room a little more “zen” touch.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into bracelets

Yes of course! Even those who like to take care of their personal image can make their own bracelets with recycled materials. As you can see in the image above, they look quite nice and you can coat or paint them with whatever designs you want and even add other decorations to them.

Bird feeder

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a bird feeder

For pet lovers, you already have another way to make a simple homemade feeder. With this “invention”, the birds will not eat from your hand, but they will eat and drink from your feeder. In addition, since it is made of plastic, you can place it both inside and outside the house or in a cage, since nothing will happen to it when it gets wet from the rain.


Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into a stool

For this craft you are going to need more plastic bottles, but notice how easy it is to make a stool with them and how comfortable it seems. In this case, you will use the bottles as legs, to give the structure solidity. Place a flat surface on the seat and voila, you have it.

Decorative flowers

Ideas to recycle plastic bottles into flowers

Impressive flowers that you can make in all the colors and patterns you want, ideal to do with children. You never imagined that with a simple plastic bottle you could make such beautiful things in such a simple way. This is one of the most recommended crafts for children to do with plastic. And if, instead of flowers, you want to do something else, for example butterflies, moons or whatever, you can too.

Garden tools

Ideas for recycling plastic bottles into garden tools

Finally, you can also use the plastic bottles to build shovels, dustpans or garden tools. The ones up here are made, as you can see, based on the part of the handle of a plastic bottle. In this case you don’t have to do practically anything, it’s such a simple craft that you just have to look at the image above on how you have to cut the carafe to get your dustpan-shovel.

What do you think of the ideas we have given you? Some are very simple, others, on the other hand, require a little more work, although the truth is that all this implies that we are recycling, something essential for ecological well-being.

Reusable instead of disposable: bring your own cup!

Reusable instead of disposable: bring your own cup!

Not just because we deal with packaging every day at BOMAC Industries: we are really shocked by the mountains of unnecessary waste. It might be good for filling up recycling plants, but it’s definitely a burden on the environment. Take a look on the way to the subway or in your own garbage can at home. This feeling, which many people have, is also statistically proven: we are producing more and more packaging waste! The reasons for this are diverse. New trends such as food to-go or online shopping are among them – but also convenience, because one-way is often practical: in the garbage can and problem solved, leaving it to others to figure out how to recycle it, if at all possible.

Reusable is an environmentally friendly alternative, but unfortunately this is usually more complex and therefore more expensive for industry and trade. For example, the reusable packaging rate for beverages has fallen from over 70 percent to just 42 percent in recent years. It will continue to decrease if we don’t demand refillable bottles and buy more regionally produced beverages in returnable bottles.

Almost all supermarkets now offer reusable nets in the fruit and vegetable department. However, the problem remains that there are still far too many pre-packed fruits and vegetables on the shelves: more than 60 percent of the goods. This creates over 90,000 tons of unnecessary waste every year. This is where companies finally have to unpack. It is best to buy loose goods in the reusable bag you have brought with you.

It takes a little more effort to take your own cans with you when you go shopping at the deli counter in order to save on disposable bags. It’s worth it – regardless of whether the bag saved is made of plastic or paper, because the negative impact on the environment from paper production is no less. From studies on large paper carrier bags, we know that these are even more serious than with plastic bags.

The mountains of waste from disposable tableware are also growing extremely. There is attractive reusable crockery for picnics and excursions, which can be shared with friends and in the neighborhood. And for drinks and food to-go, you can now bring your own cups and cans with you.

However, we find it particularly annoying that many cafés and snack bars now even serve disposables on site. Here we would like to encourage everyone: Take heart – and ask for normal dishes when ordering. Every ton of packaging saved is good for the environment. Therefore: Even if it is sometimes a bit more complex at the beginning until the routine has set in – the effort is worth it!

Interested in how you can contribute to a cleaner world and start a recycling plant to recycle all those disposable dishes? BOMAC Industries offers innovative solutions for plastic recycling to regain valuable materials and reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment and oceans every year. Take action today for a cleaner future.