Plastic Recycling Machines: Sorting (Part 1)

Plastic Recycling Machines: Sorting (Part 1)

One of the main tasks in recycling waste material is to separate the different fractions or remove contaminating materials from the valuable main part. We have several solutions available to separate different plastics or metals from plastic and rubber.

Tire Debeader

Especially useful for a semi-automatic tire recycling line is the tire debeader. There are different techniques available to remove the steel bead from the tire before starting the actual recycling process. By removing the bead on forehand, investment money can be saved for more expensive machines to crumble and separate the steel from the rubber. This method is especially economical for lower capacities.

Bale Breaker

In many cases, waste material is pre-sorted and tied up in bales. To start recycling the material these bales have to be opened so the material can be treated separately. The bale breaker breaks the straps around the bales and loosens the objects contained in the bales. This makes it possible to wash off dust effectively and sort out contaminating materials such as metals before starting the actual recycling process.

Label Separator

When dealing with hard plastic objects like bottles or containers that contain labels, there can always be some label material left even after intensive washing and sorting. The label separator working with air is an efficient way to remove the remaining labels from the recycled material and to improve the purity of the recycled material.

Sorting Table

At the sorting table, the waste material passes by on a belt conveyor while workers on fixed positions analyze the waste and pick out foreign materials. Collection bins or discharge holes are fixed on each position to easily remove the sorted out contaminants from the sorting platform.

Color Sorting

For high-end customers with strict requirements to the quality of the recycled material our color-sorting machine is indispensable. The color sorting machine works with optical color recognition and sorts out the particles with a different color. It can be used to separate differently colored materials or to sort out remaining contaminants to increase the purity level of the recycled material.