Plastic Recycling Machines: Regeneration

Plastic Recycling Machines: Regeneration

Washing and crushing of plastic objects is the main part of creating recycled plastic that is suitable for further use. Still, it is not the end. Many production processes have higher requirements to the recycled plastic. To create again the original virgin plastic material further processing is necessary for which we have a few solutions available.


This machine can be an economical solution for creating hard plastic raw material out of plastic foil and film. The rotating blades of the agglomerator squeeze the film scraps together. During this process, heat is created and the thin film melts together to small chunks that are better suitable to use in further production processes than the light and fugitive film scraps.

Packing Silo

After all processes are finished and the desired final recycled product is produced, the product has to be packed. Mostly this is done in big-bags. With the packing silo this packing process is convenient and when the bag is full, the bag can be changed by closing the silo for a while and changing the bag. Like this the recycling process doesn’t have to be interrupted while changing the bag.

Granulation Extruder

The most professional way of regenerating virgin material is a granulation extruder. The extruder melts the plastic completely and squeezes it through a mold with defined holes. After cooling down the plastic strings can be cut into pellets with defined dimensions looking the same as the original virgin pellets. Granulation extruders are available with water and air cutters.