The 5 best recycling ideas for plastic bottles

The 5 best recycling ideas for plastic bottles

We use and throw away an incredible amount of plastic bottles every day. It is true that most people throw them in the recycling bin. But what else can you do to take advantage of these empty plastic bottles. How can you reuse plastic bottles? If you don’t know where to start, we will show you the 5 best uways to reuse empty plastic bottles that most people don’t know about.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Multipurpose spatula

If the plastic bottle has a handle to it, you can cut it from the bottle and by just doing that, you will already have a multipurpose spatula. Now, you can use your recycled bottle spatula to serve rice, spices or whatever you want.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Toothbrush holder

Another great idea to recycle plastic bottles is as original as it is practical. Take a 50cl bottle and cut it in half with a hot knife. Then, roll up your toothbrush and toothpaste in a small towel, and place the roll inside the bottle. Screw on the lid and you will have a dental kit that does not get wet and protects your toothbrush.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Plate separator

Probably one of the least known ways to recycle plastic bottles, is to use them to build a tower of dishes. For this purpose you will need 5-liter bottles. Cut the bottle into four horizontal sections and you will have four elements to separate dishes, protect them from dust, and conserve heat and humidity. They are much cheaper than the ones you can find in stores and are just as great.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Sewing kit

Take a bottle and cut it in half. Make symmetrical holes on both sides to put a straw through. Each straw will hold one spool of thread, so you must make as many pairs of holes as you can, taking into account the size of your spool. Put a spool on each straw, until all holes are filled. Then, close the bottle with the cap. If you make another hole in the center of the bottle, you can get the thread you need out from there. It is one of the most practical ways to reuse plastic bottles.

The best recycling ideas for plastic bottles – Vacuum cleaner

Grab a hair dryer and put a mouth mask on the back. Then, place a 33 or 50 cl bottle cut in half, on the mask, in such a way that the cut body is stuck to the dryer. When you turn on the hair dryer, you will see that it has become a wonderful vacuum cleaner that allows you to access the most remote areas of your home. Unknown to many but one of the best ways to reuse empty bottles there is.