Plastic Recycling Machines: Recycling Lines

Plastic Recycling Machines: Recycling Lines


Hard plastic objects can appear in many shapes and types. Each object can have specific requirements to the recycling process. We have a standard solution available for general hard plastic waste, which are suitable for most common plastics. For specific requirements, optional machines can be added to the line. The final product can be plastic flakes or virgin pellets. Suitable plastic types are amongst others PP, PE, PS, PET, PVC, ABS, BOPP etc.


Plastic bags and foil generally have specific needs to the recycling equipment that are different from hard plastic. To meet these requirements, we have developed standard solutions for the recycling of plastic bags and foil of most common plastic materials. These lines are mainly suitable for PE and PP but can also be used for PET, PS, ABS etc. Main part of the line is crushing and washing equipment. For specific requirements, options are available for sorting and regaining hard plastic particles or virgin pellets.


Recycling of PET bottles is a product specific task for which we have three standardized solutions with many options. The basic part of the line consists of simple crushing and washing equipment. For higher demands to the quality of the recycled material we have a medium and high-end solution with extra washing equipment. There are plenty of options available for sorting out foreign materials. A granulation line can be added at the end to produce high-quality virgin pellets.


Electric cables generally consist of an evenly divided plastic and metal part. The main task in recycling them is to sort out the valuable metal. We have line solutions available that start with crumbling the cables into small particles of a few millimeters. There are three solutions available with different cutting power for different diameters. After crumbling the cables, a metal-plastic separator separates the metal from the rest. Our lines are suitable for both aluminum and copper cables.


Car and truck tires are mainly made out of rubber. To regain the rubber for new purposes the tires have to be destroyed and the metal wires and fibers have to be removed. Since machines for destroying complete tires at once need a lot of force we have next to two automatic solutions a more economical semi-automatic solution as well for lower capacities. The semi-automatic solution needs more human workforce. After a repeating process of crushing and removal of metals and fibers, the recycled rubber will be available in particles of a few millimeters.