Plastic Recycling Machines: Washing

Plastic Recycling Machines: Washing

When thinking about waste most people will think about the dirty content of their waste bin at home or of the big waste dump areas and their unendurable smell. Indeed, no matter where the waste is coming from, in most cases it is dirty and has to be cleaned before it can be reused in any way. We have different machines available for different purposes to wash the waste effectively and efficiently.

Label Remover

It can be a hard job to remove all labels from plastic bottles and containers. At the same time these labels are the number one contaminant in the recycled material and can impair the quality significantly. The label remover is able to remove most of the labels already before cutting the bottles or containers into small pieces. The rotating drum of the label remover causes friction that rips off the labels from the materials.

Pre-Washing Drum

Waste can be very dirty. Often it is so dirty that dust and dirt make even appropriate sorting impossible. The Pre-washing drum washes off dirt, dust and mud before any other process. In a perforated drum, the waste is rolled over while cleaned by water. The dirt and dust can leave the drum through the holes in the drum wall while the waste gets out at the much cleaner.

Sink-Float Tank

With not only a wash function but also a sorting function, the sink-float tank is indispensable in the recycling of plastic waste. The flakes are paddling in the tank slowly pushed forward by the paddle shafts. While swimming in the water the flakes are cleaned and at the same time, lighter plastics that float on the surface are separated from the heavier plastics that sink to the bottom.

Friction Washer

In a similar way as the label remover, the friction washer works with a friction drum as well. Just in case of the friction washer the rotation speed is much higher and it is suitable only for plastic that is already cut into small plastic flakes. Besides labels, remaining dirt is rubbed away from the recycled plastic flakes as well. Depending on the purpose rotation speed, length and inclination angle of the friction washer can vary.

Hot Washer

When talking about household waste like PET bottles, the amount of dirt can be high. To remove effectively all dirt from the plastic flakes, it is essential to not only wash them in cold water but also wash them with hot water and preferably with some cleaning additives added to the water. Similar like a dishwasher, the hot washer has rotating paddles that create a whirlpool and effectively washes off the dirt from the PET flakes.