Double-Shaft Shredder

Heavy industrial shredders for quick and continuous crumbling of heavy and bulky objects or biological waste


  • Wide hopper opening
  • Energy efficient cutting
  • Long-life gearbox
  • Low-noise operation
  • PLC controlled deblocking
  • High-efficiency motors
  • Optimized knife geometry
  • Suitable to operate 24/7

Suitable materials:

Any kind of hard and soft plastic, aluminium, paper and carton, wood, fabric, foam, rubber, tires, electric devices, biological waste

Example of usage:

All machines can be delivered with additional equipment such as feeding conveyors and packing stations for smooth and continuous operation. For more information, please contact us via our contact form below.


Type Motor Power Rotor Diameter Blade Thickness PDF
ZD6 18.5-22 kW 300 mm 50 mm
ZD8 2x 15-30 kW 320 mm 50 mm
ZD10 2x 37-45 kW 400 mm 50 mm
ZD12 2x 45-55 kW 450 mm 50 mm
ZD14 2x 55-75 kW 500 mm 50 mm


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